Renfrewshire Council

Renfrewshire's Provost to set sail to maintain Renfrew's fishing rights

Renfrew residents are being encouraged to join Renfrewshire's Provost Lorraine Cameron as she carries out the traditional act of casting the nets to maintain Renfrew's fishing rights on the River Clyde.

Taking place in the afternoon of Friday 18 August, Provost Cameron will travel out on to the river by boat to cast the nets.

Guests will then join Renfrewshire's civic head at Renfrew Town Hall to learn more about the river and view the premiere of a specially commissioned film covering the history of salmon fishing on the Clyde, created by local filmmaker Paul Russell.

Provost Cameron said: "The symbolic act of casting the nets is a tradition that dates back hundreds of years and it's important that we continue to keep it alive.

"Three years ago we were limited in what we could do to mark the occasion and I'm delighted that this year we are once again able to open the event up to the local community.

"There are only a limited amount of spaces available so, if you're a resident of Renfrew, make sure you don't miss out and are able to celebrate this unique part of the town's history."

King Robert III granted a charter to the community of Renfrew detailing the right to fish the River Clyde as far back as 1396, with a subsequent charter, confirming the right to fish, granted by Queen Anne in 1703.

It has become practice to maintain the fishing rights by having the Provost cast the nets and haul them in every three years.

Tickets are limited to Renfrew residents only and can be applied for on a first come, first served basis via email at:


Published 30 June 2023