Renfrewshire Council

Young people in foster care highlight importance of relationships

The Council's Youth Services and Fostering teams and Who Cares? Scotland team have been working with care-experienced young people to help them explore the meaning of relationships in their lives.

Barbie on an orange background beside some clothes
Image from the Moving Relationships animation
The Breakthrough group, the young people worked with artists to use animation to talk about why it is important for children and young people in foster care to be supported and encouraged to keep contact with people who are special and important to them.

Young people involved in the project said they wanted everyone to know:

  • they want help to keep in touch with the people that are important to them
  • for Renfrewshire to be a place where young people in care are supported to keep meaningful relationships
  • that relationships provide the key and are the glue to making them feel secure
  • they want help to break down the barriers that stop them from maintaining relationships
  • for organisations responsible for their care to create a culture where relationships aren't ended if they move on, but flourish and stay with them
  • that when everything around them changes, that they get help to protect their key relationships.

The animation they made isn't available publicly to protect the care-experienced young people involved.

The project was funded and supported by the Council—the Youth Services team who are part of the wider Community Learning and Development team, the Fostering team, and the Future Paisley cultural regeneration partnership programme—Promise Scotland, and Who Cares? Scotland.

Published Friday 16 February 2024.