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New parking plans to be considered to address Renfrewshire community concerns

Proposals to tackle Renfrewshire local communities concerns about car parking across the area will be considered by councillors next week.

A new parking strategy will set out plans to modernise an approach which will help address concerns from local residents, businesses, public transport operators and local councillors.

If approved, the five-year plan will be phased over the next few years from February 2024 and is expected to generate much needed income for local road repairs and investment.

The proposal also retains one hour's free parking in Paisley Town Centre which will apply to council-owned car parks and be extended to also apply to on street parking.

Councillor Michelle Campbell, convenor of the council's Infrastructure, Land and Environment policy board, said the plans would modernise the council's approach, tackle issues of concern raised by local communities across the area, as well as help meet the council's ambitious climate change targets to be net zero by 2030.

Cllr Campbell said:

"Communities, local businesses and public transport operators across the area have told us about their concerns about the negative impacts car parking can have. We want to balance all their needs and support our town centres to thrive and have vibrant, local communities, where people can access local services and move more easily around the area.

"We are proposing permanent arrangements for retaining one hour's free parking in Paisley Town Centre in our council car parks as well as extending it to also apply to on street car parking. This is in response to what local businesses have told us."

The strategy is intended to ensure a balance between the needs of road users, pedestrians and public transport operators, recognising there needs to be a supply of good, accessible vehicle parking which supports the needs of residents, businesses and visitors.

Parking penalty charges for illegal parking are now proposed in line with new national guidance increasing from £60 to £100 or discounted to £50 if paid within 14 days. This will mean a clearer charging structure which will fund local roads investments required such as road linings, repairs and signage, which is currently met from other council service budgets.


Published 3 November 2023

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