Renfrewshire Council

Managing your annual leave

As we are approaching the end of the 2023 Annual Leave year, we wanted to remind you of your responsibilities in managing your annual leave at this time of year.

As the annual leave year runs from 1 January to 31 December, you are generally expected and encouraged to use your annual leave within this period, supporting your health and wellbeing and rest time away from work. However, if you require to carry over unused annual leave into next year, your line manager will consider this in line with service demands as per your terms and conditions of employment.

If you have more than 5 years' service, you can request to carry over a maximum of 5 days (pro-rated) of your leave entitlement into 2024 and this can be used throughout 2024. 

If you have less than 5 years' service, you can carry over a maximum of 5 days of your annual leave entitlement and use these by 31 January in 2024, otherwise you will lose them. Your Head of Service may agree some discretion with HR&OD in exceptional circumstances.

General advice on annual leave

  • In the first instance, please check status of your 2023 annual leave balance on ERP (Business World), you or your line manager can be able to do this
  • If you've not already done so, and if applicable, please submit your annual leave days for Wednesday 27 and Thursday 28 December 2023when the council closes all non-essential services during the holiday period. If for any reason you do not have enough remaining annual leave to cover these days, please speak to your line manager urgently who will arrange to adjust your 2024 annual leave balance by emailing Flexi leave and special leave cannot be used 
  • Please do not book any annual, flexi or special leave for 2024 until 1 January 2024.If you have submitted or approved any leave for 2024, this will be declined from the ERP (Business World) and will be added back to your 2023 entitlement  
  • Please ensure you submit or delete any leave requests still sitting in draft or that have been returned to you by your manager or the system.

Guidance for managers

  • Please share the attached information with your teams and employees who do not have access to email
  • Managers are asked to urgently approve or decline any outstanding annual leave requests in Business World
  • Looking forward into 2024, managers are encouraged to monitor annual leave requests more regularly ensuring a good work life balance for their teams to avoid having a high annual leave balance towards the end of the year. 

Published on Thursday 7 December 2023