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Check your personal info on ERP-Business World

Make sure your contact details, employment info and equalities data are all up to date

It's time to review your personal data on ERP - Business World

Please log in to check the following information is accurate and up to date:

Your contact details

  • home address
  • telephone number(s)
  • email addresses
  • emergency contact details
  • next of kin etc

Your employment information

  • your role
  • annual leave
  • pay

Please update all the details you can however those related to your pay and role will need sign off from your line manager and HR & OD.

Equalities data

Please complete the new equalities information section to assist with our statutory reporting duties and provide focus areas for new and updated HR & OD policies. Reports created from the equalities data held on ERP-Business World will be anonymous and will not link with your personal data.  

Watch this video for tips on making changes to your information

iLearn Video: Accessing & Updating Personnel Information and Equality Data

Further information

If you have any questions about ERP-Business World please email

For HR & OD it's