Renfrewshire Council

Street trading licence

You need a street trader's licence if you intend to sell, offer to sell or carry out a service paid for by any person in a public place.

This includes selling from a vehicle, kiosk or moveable stall.

If you have employees working with you, they will need a street trader licence as well.

How to apply for a licence

We now accept street trader licence applications online, including the use of electronic signatures.

You can apply, upload and sign for your supporting documents and pay for the licence online.

Apply for a Street Trader Licence

You can see the Council's policy on electronic licensing applications in Appendix 1 of the report to  the Regulatory Functions Board meeting on 15 September 2022.

What type of street trader licence you need

Fixed Stance

If you are applying for a street trader licence in respect of a fixed stance you require to apply for a specific location.


If you are applying for a mobile street trader licence you must apply for a mobile street trader's licence. You require to state the area or areas in which you intend to trade. If you only propose to trade within one or two areas, specify the street names in those areas.

What documents you need to apply

You must include these documents with your application:

  • two coloured passport photographs
  • compliance certificate issued by a Scottish Food Authority where a Street Trader's Licence has been applied for, if your business involves the sale of food.

How much the licence fee is

See the cost of licences on the civic application fees for licences page.

The criteria for a licence

The main policies that affect your application are:

  • Your proposed trading location must be more than 100 metres away from a shop selling similar goods.
  • If you intend to sell food or drink, you shall trade no closer than a distance of 500 metres from any entrance to any school at any time between the hours of 8am to 9am, 12 noon to 2pm and from 3pm to 5pm Monday to Fridays inclusive during school terms. You can access the maps showing the 500 metres exclusion zones around the schools here.
  • Street Trader's must cease trading at 12 midnight every night except Fridays and Saturdays where they can trade until 1am, if there licence allows them to trade these times.

You can find out more from the Civic Enforcement Officer

How long your application will take

All applications made under the Civic Government (Scotland) Act 1982 must be considered within 3 months and a decision made within 9 months.

Who is consulted about your application

A copy of your application will be sent to Police Scotland, Local Councillor, Community Councillor, Community Housing and Property Services (CHAPS),

Development and Housing Services, Education and Leisure and where the premises are within Paisley Town Centre the Town Centre Manager. They will carry out their own investigations and report back to the licensing section.

If there are objections or representations to your application

If an objection or representation is received, the application must be considered at a meeting of the Regulatory Functions Board. You will be formally cited to attend the meeting and a copy of the letter will be sent out to you with the citation letter.

Conditions of the licence

See the street trader licence application pack [229KB] for the standard conditions of the licence.

A copy of the conditions of licence for street traders applicable will be issued to you if your licence is granted. The council requires all licence holders to have a thorough understanding of these conditions and they should be kept as they form part of your licence.

Renfrewshire Council may attach additional conditions to the licence as it sees fit, with each application being dealt with on its own merits.

How long the licence lasts for

Applications for the grant of a licence are generally granted for a period of one year. Applications to renew an existing licence are normally granted for a two year period.

Change of vehicle

You need to complete an application for substitution of a vehicle for a street trader licence [64KB]  if you change your vehicle during the period of your licence.