Renfrewshire Council

Licence for children to work in the entertainment industry

How to apply for a licence for children to work in the entertainment industry, who needs to apply, what information and documents you need to provide.

How to apply

You will need to apply online for a licence for a child or children to work in the entertainment industry

The production company or casting agency must make the initial application. 

If the performance occurs during term time, the parent should state this on their section of the application. This will automatically generate a request for authorisation from the Head Teacher.

You must complete the application online and include the required documents at least 21 days before the licence is required.

We may not grant the licence if you don't apply in time. 

What documents you need to include

You will need to provide these documents with your licence application:

  • application form completed by production company
  • application form completed by a parent
  • copy of the child's birth certificate
  • risk assessment
  • passport sized photo - this must be a .JPEG or .PNG file, we cannot accept PDF files.

You can submit these documents online with your licence application.

We will not process your licence application unless all of the documents have been completed and uploaded.

If you have any questions, contact Children's Services on 0300 300 0170.