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GAIA Planning Applications Update

Renfrewshire Council's Communities, Housing & Planning Policy Board granted planning consent on 7th November 2017 for the planning application (Ref: 17/0485/PP) for the main GAIA works. This consent permits the construction of a new high quality boulevard into the investment area through re-alignment of Abbotsinch Road as well as a new two-lane link bridge over the White Cart linking communities and development sites on the east of the river to the investment area.

A separate planning application for the GAIA project (18/0483/PP) comprising a new cycling and pedestrian bridge over the Black Cart was also approved in August 2018.

A planning permission in principle application (18/0482/PP), submitted to help address common planning, environmental and statutory requirements for the future development at the GAIA site, was also approved by Renfrewshire Council's Communities, Housing & Planning Policy Board  on 26 March 2019.

CWRR Planning Application Update

Scottish Government ministers granted planning consent on Friday 16 November 2018 for the Clyde Waterfront and Renfrew Riverside (CWRR) project. Scottish Government ministers determined the planning application for the CWRR project following a request made by Renfrewshire Council in agreement with Glasgow and West Dunbartonshire. This is a unique infrastructure project across three local authorities which has the potential for significant economic regeneration, with increased potential for jobs and improved connections to new job and other opportunities for local communities. As such this method of determination was the most effective approach.

The decision notices can be viewed together with all the documentation, including letters of representation, originally submitted to the three planning authorities and to the Reporter appointed by Scottish Ministers. These can be viewed on the Scottish Government's planning portal;

The applications

The majority of the CWRR application area is located within the Renfrewshire Council boundary but as it crosses the Clyde to the north, it enters West Dunbartonshire Council and Glasgow City Council administrative boundaries.  This means that applications were submitted to all three councils for determination, however as noted above Scottish Government ministers  determined the planning application.

The GAIA project was progressed under two separate planning applications in Renfrewshire. One application comprised the Black Cart Cycleway which included a new cycle bridge over the Black Cart, with the other comprising the Abbotsinch Road Realignment, the Wright St. Link & the Abbotsinch Cycleway.

You can view these Planning Applications and associated documents (including information on the location, size and scale of the proposed development and drawings showing design detail) at the relevant consenting authorities planning portals. Links to these can be found below.

Note: As per above update, the Scottish Government have confirmed that Ministers will now determine the above planning applications for the Clyde Waterfront and Renfrew Riverside project.

The following marine licence documents have also been submitted. See our Marine Licence Applications page for further information including access to the applications supporting documentation.

Representations relating to the marine applications should be made in writing to the consenting authority by email to or by post to The Scottish Government, Marine Scotland Licensing Operations Team, Marine Laboratory, 375 Victoria Road, Aberdeen, AB11 9DB.

Supporting Documents

The Supporting Documents for the City Deal applications including a Planning Supporting Statement (setting out how the proposed development is compliant with International, National, Strategic and Local legislative and policy requirements), the Pre-Application Consultation Report (setting out the level and nature of consultation undertaken by the applicant throughout the pre-application stage). There is also a Design and Access Statement (setting out how the design process has developed and what the key considerations have been with regards to access and accessibility). A drainage impact assessment for each application has also been prepared.

All supporting documents, including the the environmental statement detailed below, can be found on each planning authorities planning portal, links to which can be found above and in the 'Related links' section of this page.

The Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)

To ensure that the individual and combined effects of both the CWRR & GAIA projects are considered, one EIA has been compiled, which considers each project in isolation and also the potential combined impacts of both projects. This document considers each scenario in a series of 4 volumes.  For ease of reference, links to the EIA documents (Non Technical Summary and Volumes 1-4) can be found below. This is the same document for all applications detailed above, however it should be noted that to view all documents relating to each application (plans and other supporting documentation), the above links to each planning authorities planning portals should be used.

The Environmental Impact Assessment is presented in an Environmental Statement (ES) which supports the applications and comprises the following documents:

The Non-Technical Summary (NTS) [4.1 MB] is a summary of the Environmental Statement and covers all aspects of the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) and the application process as well as providing a summary of the predicted effects of the development. The information provided within the NTS has been supported where possible by relevant and appropriate illustrations, ļ¬gures and plans. It is recommended that readers start with this summary to gain an overall understanding of the proposed development.

Volume 1: Introduction, Approach to EIA and Consultation [35.2 MB] introduces the concept of City Deal and a brief description of the proposed developments for which consent is being applied.  It provides an outline of the main alternatives studied by the City Deal Team and an indication of the main reasons for their preferred option selection.  It also details the EIA approach and the consultation undertaken

Volume 2: Environmental Effects of Clyde Waterfront Renfrew Riverside (CWRR) [301.3 MB] provides detailed information on the proposed CWRR development, including information on the existing site, design and size of the project. 

Volume 3: Environmental Effects of Glasgow Airport Investment Area (GAIA) [144 MB] provides detailed information on the proposed GAIA and Inchinnan Cycleway developments, including information on the existing site, design and size of the project. 

Volume 4: Cumulative Environmental Assessment [58.6 MB] presents an assessment of the predicted effects of the CWRR and GAIA (including Inchinnan Cycleway) proposed developments in combination and also the cumulative environmental effects of the projects with other development proposals in the area.

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