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Marine Licence Applications

This page explains the content of and the difference between, the Marine Licence applications.

As detailed on the Planning Application page, three Marine Licence applications were made (two in relation to CWRR and one in relation to GAIA).

Update: These applications have since been decided - see the Marine Licence Decisions page for details.

This page aims to explain the difference and provide access to the applications supporting documentation.

CWRR Marine Applications

There are two Marine Licence Applications for the Clyde Waterfront and Renfrew Riverside (CWRR) project.

Both have been submitted to Marine Scotland and are available to view, together with relevant supporting documents, on their website using the above links.

Following a formal Scoping process, the CWRR project was deemed to require an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) under the Marine Works (Environmental Impact Assessment) (Scotland) Regulations 2017 (as amended). The submission of these applications has been advertised in accordance with these regulations and a copy of the public notices can also be viewed on the Marine Scotland website (see above links) and in the related document section of this page.

GAIA & Inchinnan Cycleway Marine Licence Applications

There is one Marine Licence Application for the Glasgow Airport Investment Area (GAIA) project.

  • Marine Licence 3 - All construction works (Wright Street Link over the White Cart Water and Black Cart Cycleway Bridge, Drainage and Outfalls)

This application has also been submitted to Marine Scotland and is available to view in the related documents on this page.

Following the formal scoping process, it was deemed that under the Marine EIA Regulations, an EIA was not required. The Marine Licence application for GAIA will be logged in the weekly licensing report published by Marine Scotland (select the relevant weekly report i.e. w/c 17 July 2017). A public notice has also been placed (a copy of this notice is available in the related documents section of this webpage).

Because an EIA is not required for this application, the application is processed slightly differently by Marine Scotland.To make it easier for anyone wishing to view or comment on this application, this page contains the supporting documents, or links to them;

Commenting on the Marine Licence Applications

Any representations relating to the marine applications should be made in writing to the consenting authority by email to: or by post to The Scottish Government, Marine Scotland Licensing Operations Team, Marine Laboratory, 375 Victoria Road, Aberdeen, AB11 9DB, identifying the proposal and specifying grounds for objection or support, not later than Friday 1st September 2017.

The Scottish Ministers may consider representations received after this date. Representations should be dated and should clearly state the name (in block capitals) and the full return email or postal address of those making the representation.   

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