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The People's News council tenants newsletter

This section contains information on the Councils newsletters to tenants, our Housing Charter Tenant Report, the Scottish Housing Regulator; engagement plan and benchmarking.

What People's News is

The People's News is our tenant's newsletter about new initiatives, local interest stories and service messages. 

Read the new People's News Winter 2020 edition [990KB]  (PDF).

We are always looking for news and interesting stories for our newsletter. If you have a story that you think would interest other tenants, please contact our Development Officer using the details at the bottom of this page.

Housing Charter Tenant Report

Our Housing Charter Tenant Report highlights the performance of the Council as a landlord over the last year. It is based on information collected by the Scottish Housing Regulator and it is important because it lets us see where we are performing well, and just as importantly, what areas we can improve in. You can read the latest report using the link below. 

Our Housing Charter

Scottish Housing Regulator

The Scottish Housing Regulator regulates registered social landlords and the Housing and homelessness services of local authorities.

Its overall purpose is to regulate to protect the interests of tenants and other service users, ensure the continuing provision of good quality social housing and maintain the confidence of funders.

The regulator has produced a 'Landlords Report' outlining how we have performed as your landlord. This report includes the things that tenants told us matter most when it comes to their landlord's performance.

To view this report, please click on this link to the Scottish Housing Regulator website.

Engagement Plan

Each year the Scottish Housing Regulator provides an Engagement Plan to all Council Housing Services and Registered Social Landlords.  This plan outlines the level of engagement the Regulator will take with each landlord. 

See the  engagement plan for the Council's housing service [278KB] .


The Council benchmarks its' performance with other landlords and reports this to the Communities Housing and Planning Policy Board. 

Key benchmarking results are summarised in the charter performance table [127KB] . This highlights where Renfrewshire Council performs well compared to other social landlords as well as several areas where there is scope for further improvement.

Readers with particular requirements

If you would like any of our newsletters in an alternative format (e.g. Braille, CD or large print) or in another language, please get in touch using the contact details provided.

If you require any other housing information, please contact one of our neighbourhood housing services.