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Council house condition surveys

About the survey, survey arrangements, where the surveys are taking place, contacting the surveyors, contacting the council.

Condition surveys are being carried out at our council houses.

These are taking place to gather information which helps us to consider future housing investment and to report the condition of our houses to the Scottish Housing Regulator.

About the survey

Surveyors from property consultants John Martin Partnership (JMP) are carrying out the surveys on our behalf.

The survey takes up to 45 minutes and inspects the outside and inside of the home.

This includes:

  • collecting information and taking supporting photographs
  • looking at the condition of different elements including the roof, windows, doors, walls, loft insulation, kitchen, bathroom and heating systems
  • drawing up floor plans to capture the dimensions of the home
  • recording energy information at some homes to create an Energy Performance Certificate.

If the tenant is not home or it's not a suitable time when the surveyor visits, the surveyor will leave a leaflet to arrange a time for them to return.

Survey arrangements

Council tenants will receive a letter from us in advance of the survey taking place.

There's no need to make an appointment or do anything ahead of the survey.

The surveys will be carried out on weekdays between 9am and 5pm.

The surveyor will show identification and explain the purpose of the visit.

It is important access is provided for this survey to take place.

If no one is in or it's not a suitable time when the surveyor visits, the surveyor will leave a leaflet for to arrange a time for them to return.

Where the surveys are taking place

Surveys started in May 2024 and are taking place on a phased basis across all council houses over the next three years.

Between May and July 2024, surveys are taking place at:

  • Paisley East (PA1)
  • Brown Street and Ferguslie Park (PA3)
  • Renfrew (PA4).

Details of future survey locations will be listed here when confirmed.

Contacting the surveyors

To contact the surveyors from John Martin Partnership, phone 0141 333 0363.

Contacting the council

For more information, contact us by: