Renfrewshire Council

If you smell gas, call 0800 111 999 immediately (24 hours)

Gas servicing and safety

Annual gas safety checks, safety during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, carbon monoxide alarms, rotating ceiling fans, ventilation, changes in sleeping arrangements.

Annual gas safety checks

We are legally required to carry out a gas safety check in your home, at least once a year, even during the coronavirus outbreak.

As your landlord, we have an obligation to ensure our gas appliances (gas fires or gas central heating installed by us) and flues are maintained to a safe standard.

It is important that you respond to our gas servicing letters.

When you receive a gas servicing letter, please call us on 0300 300 0222.

It is essential that you allow us access to your home to carry out these important safety checks. You could be putting the health of you and your family at risk if you ignore our requests to gain access to your home.

If you do not allow us access, we will have to arrange for a forced entry to your property and you will have to pay any associated costs, such as repairs to the door.

Safety during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic

We'll make sure that we maintain a safe distance from you and our engineer will wash their hands thoroughly and ensure that they clean all affected surfaces when in your property.

If anyone in your household develops coronavirus symptoms or has been asked to self-isolate, please call and let us know so that your appointment can be rearranged.

All our engineers are registered with Gas Safe Register.

Carbon monoxide alarms

The Council has installed carbon monoxide detector alarms for your safety. Please do not remove them as they are checked as part of the annual gas safety check. If we discover these essential alarms have been removed, they will be replaced and you will be recharged for the cost.

Rotating ceiling fans

You should not use rotating ceiling fans in rooms which have an open flued gas appliance such as a gas fire, as they can lead to fumes including carbon monoxide being drawn back into the room rather than being removed through the flue or chimney.

If a gas engineer working in your home discovers that this is happening, we will make sure that you cannot use the appliance until the ceiling fan has been permanently disconnected.


We have fitted extra air vents in homes which have certain types of gas appliances. It is very important that you do not block or cover these air vents.

Changes in sleeping arrangements

Under current gas-safety regulations, you must not fit certain gas appliances in rooms that are used as bedrooms. Also, you must not start using a room as a bedroom if it has these appliances.