Renfrewshire Council

Public processions

If you wish to hold a public procession in the Renfrewshire Council area, you require to complete a Notice of Proposal to hold a public procession. 

You can apply by using the online facility or by completing a paper form.  These can be found in the related content area of the website.

Please note that there are standard conditions which apply to all processions within the Renfrewshire area.

There is also guidance published now on the Scottish Government's website for procession organisers. This can be accessed via the link below.



Any person can be consulted on all public procession notices received for the Renfrewshire area. If you would like to be consulted please email or write to us at the details stated below with your full name and address requesting that you wish to be added to the Public Procession Opt-in List. Likewise, if you are already on the Opt-in List and wish removed please email or write to us accordingly.

Please note that a copy of any objection received will be provided to the applicant and you may be asked to attend a future meeting of the Regulatory Function Board to make submissions in support of your objection.

Procession Notifications

A list of all public processions that have been received by Renfrewshire Council and are being considered are available to view on the Tell Me Scotland website 

In some cases, the council can decide to dispense with the need for a 28-day period of notice. You will find any public processions where a dispensation order has been granted on the Tell Me Scotland website