Renfrewshire Council

Apply for council housing (online)

Who can apply for council housing, how to apply online, what happens next, and what information you might need to provide

Who can apply for council housing

You can apply to rent a home from the council if you:

  • are over 16
  • have the right to access public funds.

If you're homeless or worried you might become homeless, look at our homelessness resources and support instead.

Apply online

When applying online, you'll need to provide your email address and a copy of your ID, such as a passport, driving license, or birth certificate.

We'll also ask for other relevant information, such as three years of address history, income details, and the names and dates of birth of anyone else in your household.

You can save your application's progress and come back to it later, so you don't have to complete it all at once.

Apply for council housing online.

What happens next

Once you've applied online, one of our housing assistants will aim to get in touch within 10 days to discuss your application and the information you'll need to provide.

After that, once we've reviewed your application, you'll receive a letter telling you your priority grouping for council housing.

If you'd rather apply over the phone, you can ask one of our housing assistants to call you instead.

Information you might need to provide

We might ask you to provide additional information alongside your email address and ID, depending on your reason for moving.

  • Because your current home is too small or big: a copy of your tenancy agreement, property missives, or other official proof of your property size.
  • Because of harassment targeted at you in or around your home: we'll only give priority to you if there's evidence that the harassment is targeted at you or a member of your household while in or around your current accommodation. You must provide written confirmation from a relevant agency, such as the police or your landlord.
  • Because of domestic abuse: supporting documents from a social worker, Victim Support, or Women's Aid, or written confirmation from you or your joint applicant confirming that domestic abuse is happening.
  • Because of a relationship breakdown: letter from your solicitor or written proof from your partner confirming the relationship breakdown.
  • To give or receive support: letter from a relevant agency (such as a social worker, health professional, or proof of DLA, PIP, carers allowance, or attendance allowance) and a letter from both parties explaining why you need to move.
  • Due to mobility issues: we'll complete the mobility application with you when we call you.
  • Because you want a home of your own: official proof of address.
  • Due to repossession or court order: copy of the repossession or court order confirming that your house will be repossessed or sold and the reasons why.
  • Due to receiving Notice to Leave: written proof confirming that your tenancy isn't being renewed and that you must leave through no fault of your own, and a copy of the Notice to Leave. Your landlord should give you these if they want you to leave. If you're unsure what these documents are, phone us on 0300 300 0222 for more information.
  • Because you need to leave tied accommodation: a letter from your landlord confirming your date to leave and the reasons you must leave. We'll also need a copy of your employment contract.
  • If you're leaving residential care, hospital, or supported accommodation: written confirmation from the relevant agency that you'll have nowhere to live when you leave. If you have a date to leave, provide written confirmation of the date.
  • If you're currently in prison: written confirmation from the relevant agency that you're currently in prison and will have nowhere to live when you leave. If you have a date to leave, provide written confirmation of the date.
  • If you're leaving HM Armed Forces: a letter from HM Armed Forces confirming that you're leaving HM Armed Forces and will have nowhere to live when you leave. If you have a date of discharge, provide written confirmation of the date.
  • If you're moving to take up or stay in employment: written evidence to support your circumstances, such as a letter from your employer or prospective employer supporting the application and outlining why you or your joint applicant need to move to keep or take up employment.
  • For access to children, joint custody, or shared custody: written confirmation from a solicitor or ex-partner confirming details of overnight access.
  • If you'll be adopting or fostering a child: written confirmation from the local authority or agency you've applied to that you're in the final stages of the assessment process and require an additional bedroom to be approved to adopt or foster. We'll only consider applications that are in the final stages of this process and are approved subject to gaining an additional bedroom.
  • If your current property is below the tolerable standard: copy of confirmation from Renfrewshire Council's Environment and Infrastructure Services confirming that your property fails to meet the tolerable standard.