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Jim O'Kane, a bus driver in our social transport team, has been recognised for his helpful and caring approach to pupil wellbeing

Jim O'Kane LOV 1 It's his dedication to ensuring the daily school run is a positive experience that inspired team leader Chris Connolly to nominate Jim for living our values.

When Jim picks up his passengers to take them to Mary Russell school, his primary concern is their wellbeing, and he is only too happy to do whatever he can to start off their day on the right note.

Jim explained: "There's more to my job than just picking school kids up at point A and dropping them off at point B. The journey to school or work can set the tone for the rest of the day, so I make sure my bus is a safe and happy place for the kids.

"No-one is cheery all the time, but I try my best to get a smile or a laugh from people, even if they are laughing at my expense. I used to sing and get the pupils to join in. But maybe I wasn't hitting the right notes. I've got a radio for my bus now which everyone seems to prefer to my singing - I can't imagine why!

"When I go home at night, I always know that I've done my best. I'm proud of my bus and take good care of it. I always keep it as clean as possible so it's a nice place to be for those that use it every day." Jim O'Kane LOV 3

Chris was delighted when colleagues at Mary Russell School contacted him with some lovely feedback about Jim being "so helpful and accommodating and nothing is ever a bother to him."

Chris said: "Jim is always prepared to go the extra mile (pun intended) and our school colleagues have told me what a valuable difference he's made. He even helped a pupil understand how to make their new journey to college safely and avoiding a busy road. Now that pupil can confidently make the journey by themselves thanks to Jim's support."

"That example sums Jim up and the behaviours like 'being open, friendly and kind, doing your best every day, listening and being a positive, passionate ambassador for Renfrewshire is Jim on a daily basis."

We asked Jim what he enjoys most about his job and how he felt to be nominated for living our values.

Jim said: "I love my job because it's very rewarding to get to know my passengers and I'll always see them right.

"It's nice to be recognised for living our values. I've printed and proudly displayed my values thank you card on the bus for everyone to see!"

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Published Thursday 19 October 2023