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HR & OD and procurement teams nominated for living our values

How collaboration is key for our digital experience programme

Ian Whyte and Suzanne Gibb sitting side by side smiling to camera
Ian Whyte (HR & OD), Suzanne Gibb (procurement)
Colleagues across HR & OD, procurement and communications are working together with the digital experience team to deliver our new website. The ambitious programme is set to transform our online presence for local communities, with accessible user-friendly information and services.

Corporate communications and public affairs manager, Lucy Adamson, recognises the importance of collaboration, particularly given the scale of the change ahead, and has nominated her HR & OD and procurement colleagues for living our values. Lucy said, "By involving colleagues from other services early, it really helped us foster a shared understanding of our objectives and find joint solutions to challenges as they happened.

"Our HR & OD and procurement colleagues have been very helpful in taking the time to understand the ambitions of the programme and provide their professional support in its delivery, which would not happen at the same pace otherwise."

Procurement operations manager, Suzanne Gibb admits she was pleased when she first received her living our values thank you card. Like the digital experience programme, this was something a bit different and new. She explained, "I was surprised to receive this recognition. Collaboration is always an important part of what we do so to be nominated was a lovely surprise. In this project I did feel we were taking collaboration to another level and it's been great".

"I had to think differently about how we work. As a council, it's important that we move with the times and can deliver the technology and user experience that people expect. It really helped that the digital experience team were super organised and clear about what they wanted to achieve. A key part of that is finding the right supplier to deliver what they need for our new council website.

"From a procurement perspective, it was about being able to attract different providers that could offer a web solution to fit the innovative digital experience vision. That meant dropping a lot of old-fashioned jargon and trying out new processes".

HR & OD workforce analyst, Ian Whyte is focused on helping find the right talent to support this.  He said, "This project is unlike anything I've worked on before. It's exciting. I was keen to help the team find the people they need by developing the right roles and job descriptions. I had to step out of the mindset of my individual role and take a holistic view to understand the bigger picture".

Digital experience manager, Philippe Fara, is grateful for the collaborative approach from everyone involved. He added, "We have received outstanding and friendly support from our HR & OD and procurement colleagues. They're key to our success in delivering a new website that our citizens, local communities, and colleagues can easily find and use".

You can find out more about the digital experience programme on The Thread.

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Published on Thursday 16 February 2023