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We can count on Ellen

Helpful, friendly support recognised by colleagues

Image of Ellen Pyra sitting at her desk with Living our Values helpful border After 23 years at the council, Ellen Pyra has long been regarded as a go-to person for colleagues who see her as a brilliant example of someone who truly lives our values. As a well-known friendly face at Houston Early Learning and Childcare Centre (ELCC), senior clerical officer, Ellen, is delighted to be recognised and credits the kindness of others as the motivation behind her commitment to making a difference.

Ellen's Team leader, Donna Meldrum highlights Ellen's mentor role in welcoming new colleagues, developing their skills and confidence, and offering guidance and support in any way she can.

Donna said: "I have seen all our values in Ellen, but being helpful really does describe her best. She's very practical, regularly checks in with colleagues and takes time to nuture new staff members. She really is committed to ensuring we provide the best service we can for Renfrewshire's kids, all while continuing her own personal development and studying for a management qualification with the Chartered Management Institute. She really is an asset to our team and to the wider council, and brings a little sparkle wherever she goes."

Ellen began her career with the council as a skill seeker and has worked in a variety of roles supporting social work, human resources and children's services.

Describing what drives her helpful approach, Ellen said, "I've learned a massive amount in my time here about who we are as an organisation and the impact of our work on local people. For me, it's less about just doing what my job role is on paper, and more about doing whatever I can to contribute. So, if I see something I can do to help, I'm more than happy to do it.

"I love seeing the difference I can make by supporting others and watching people grow in confidence. I get a real boost when a colleague comes to me for assistance, knowing they see me as someone they can count on is so rewarding. I always tell any news starts to just be yourself always. Be honest, and importantly, remember to laugh and smile a lot. If you do that, you can get through anything!"

We want to thank Ellen for bringing our values to life and for letting us share her story with colleagues across the council.

If you know someone like Ellen, why not send them a thank you and remind them of their value too?

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Published Friday 02 June 2023