Renfrewshire Council

Working at Renfrewshire House offices

Current working arrangements, opening hours, what you need to do before you come to the office, how to book a desk, what equipment is available and before and after you use your workstation.

Here you will find information about:

Current working arrangements

Council staff can return to Renfrewshire House and have access to desks, meeting rooms and office space. 

You will be able to book a desk for up to three days a week, using the online desk booking system.

This change follows the Scottish Government's update to the national working from home guidance. We can now offer council staff a hybrid approach of working at the office and working from home. This will give you flexibility and balance between working from home and working at the office.

For now, there will be a limited capacity at Renfrewshire House until Scottish Government publishes their Hybrid Working Guidance. This is to ensure a safe working environment for everyone in the building.

Opening hours

We have extended the opening times of Renfrewshire House to:

  • Monday to Thursday from 8am to 6pm
  • Fridays from 8am to 5pm.

You will hear an announcement over the loudspeaker system to alert everyone 15 minutes before the building will close.

The Atrium Café will also be open during the day and you can buy snacks and hot and cold drinks there.

Before you come to Renfrewshire House

You must book a desk before arriving at Renfrewshire House, through your Outlook calendar on your council laptop or desktop PC. It is like booking a meeting room on Outlook.

You should book for a full day rather than for a specific length of time. This makes sure each desk is subject to the same cleaning rota and not used by multiple staff on any given day.

Read the step-by-step guide to booking a desk [315KB] .


When you arrive at Renfrewshire House

Renfrewshire House car park is open and for the time being spaces are available on a first come, first served basis.

Please enter the building at the staff entrance on Cotton Street and:

  • use the hand sanitiser provided
  • face coverings are optional, and we support anyone who wishes to wear one
  • make your way to your designated desk - you should only use the desk allocated to you.


When you arrive at the desk, you must check-in and follow the Display Screen Equipment (DSE) guidance below.

For health and safety reasons it's important we have a record of who is in the building at any one time. You can check-in online here or scan the QR code on your desk or one of the posters, with either a council device or a personal device, such as a smartphone. 

Everyone using the building needs to check in.

Display Screen Equipment (DSE)

To prevent any pain or discomfort, you should always follow the advice for use of display screen equipment (DSE).

Each desk has:

  • docking station or a desktop base unit
  • monitor (some bookable desks have double monitors)
  • keyboard and mouse
  • 'follow me' printing
  • any other equipment included in your workspace booking.

Other ICT equipment

When you come to Renfrewshire House, you should bring:

  • your laptop if you have one
  • a laptop power cable
  • laptop headphones for when you are joining any online meetings or calls 
  • any other accessories that you need to work at your booked desk, such as a mouse. 

If you currently work from home and you use a desktop or hard drive, make sure you book a desk that provides a desktop kit.

Before you start work

Before you start work, please clean your workstation.

Cleaning materials are available on each floor for you to help keep your work area clean.

Set up your desk and screen equipment:

  • adjust your seat to a comfortable position and adjust any backrests and arms.
  • position your monitor to the correct eye line position.
  • keep your keyboard separate from the computer and screen so you can tilt it.
  • position directly in front of the monitors to avoid twisting your torso.
  • keep your mouse and keyboard at the same height as your elbows and forearms.

When you finish at your workstation

At the end of the working day, please clear and clean your workstation and wipe down all the equipment, desk, and the chair arm rests. 

Do not remove any office or ICT equipment.