Renfrewshire Council

Working at Renfrewshire House offices

Current working arrangements, opening hours, what equipment is available, parking and evacuation info.

Here you will find information about:

Current working arrangements

Work continues to support the different types of hybrid-working that you agreed with your teams last year. There are a large number of employees, councillors and visitors using the building at any one time, so please be mindful and respect other users of the building.

Opening hours

The opening times of Renfrewshire House are:

  • Monday to Thursday from 8am to 7pm
  • Fridays from 8am to 6pm.

Staff entrance/exit

All staff are to enter/exit the building via the staff entrance located at the front of the building - use your identification pass to get access.

Car parking

Essential building works are currently ongoing on the ground floor of Renfrewshire House car park. Due to unforeseen circumstances these are taking longer than the initially expected two months. See more information on building works in Renfrewshire House car park and how this will impact users.

Renfrewshire House car park is open and, for the time being, spaces are available on a first come, first served basis.

No council employee is guaranteed a space within the Renfrewshire House car park, apart from those with spaces under agreed leases. When the car park is full, we ask that you find an alternative parking space out with the car park.

If Renfrewshire House car park is full, a nearby alternative is Saucel Crescent car park. It has 65 spaces and is a short walk from Renfrewshire House. For the time being, parking here (Monday to Friday) is free of charge for all council employees.

Colleagues are reminded that they are not permitted to use the parking area in the Abbey Place development next to Renfrewshire House. This is strictly for residents and their visitors only.

We will be re-introducing a car parking permit scheme at Renfrewshire House, following its previous suspension during the pandemic. 

The scheme is expected to start in the next few months, after an expression of interest process.

The expression of interest process has now concluded, and we'll be back in touch shortly with more information.

See more information on Renfrewshire House car park permits.


All visitors should enter the building via the main entrance and must sign in/out via reception. It is the responsibility of the host to ensure that the visitor is accompanied at all times whilst attending the building. You will also be responsible for the visitor in the event of an emergency evacuation, ensuring they exit the building safely.

To help support the Reception Team it's important that everyone expecting a visitor completes the attached Visitor Notification Form before a visitor comes into Renfrewshire House.

Welfare facilities

Toilets and Welfare facilities are located throughout the building - please keep the facilities clean and tidy.  Accessories will be stocked at all times.

Disabled toilets are located on each floor on the North side of the building with easy access. 

Kitchen and eating areas

There are individual kitchen areas located within each floor space for individual use  - please ensure you keep them clean and tidy.

The Atrium Café is open during the day where you can purchase snacks and hot and cold drinks.

Vending machines are located in various locations throughout the building.

There are a number of eating/seating areas located on each floor available to all staff. Please keep and leave all eating areas clean and tidy.

Emergency evacuation

From 1 July 2023, we will no longer have dedicated fire wardens, and all colleagues who use Renfrewshire House must complete the new evacuation assistant training module on iLearn, so that everyone is familiar with what to do in case of a fire alarm and evacuation.

Please complete the evacuation assistant training module on iLearn.

In the event of a fire alarm being activated 

  • you must immediately exit the building via the nearest emergency exit
  • collect coat/jacket only if its close to your location
  • proceed to the Fire/Emergency assembly point located at the front of the building next to the flag poles
  • do not return or enter the building unless informed to do so by the fire coordinator
  • the senior or responsible person will be required to ensure the floor area is cleared of all staff and that all staff are accounted for.

Fire alarm test

A fire alarm test will be carried out at 08.15 hours every Tuesday morning - you do not need to evacuate unless otherwise informed via a tannoy announcement.

Personal Emergency Evacuation Plan (PEEP)

A PEEP is a plan for a person who may need assistance, for instance, a person with impaired mobility, to evacuate from the building or reach a place of safety in the event of an emergency and maybe needed for someone with an impairment, such as:

  • mobility impairment
  • sight impairment
  • hearing impairment
  • cognitive impairment
  • a medical condition or injury which might cause them to need assistance to evacuate safely.

The Manager or host is responsible for ensuring the safety of their staff and is responsible for carrying out the PEEP - the PEEP is to be kept in date and reviewed, all PEEPS are to be issued to both the Health and Safety Team and FM staff or the building manager.
For more information please contact the Health and Safety Team 

First Aid

The first aid response number is 0141 487 1642 (Reception) for normal working hours.

In the event of an accident - anyone requesting first aid assistance should call this number with their location - the receptionist will then make a tannoy announcement- requesting that a First Aider attend. 

All nominated first aiders will then respond to the first aid event, if required other first aiders will be informed to stand down.

First aid kits are located at the entrance on each floor.


Defibrillators are located:

  • Main Reception
  • First Aid Room - Lower ground floor
  • Care Inspectorate - 1st Floor South

In the event of a serious emergency call 999.

Office safety

When using the office please follow these simple rules: 

  • keep work areas neat and tidy to prevent slips, trips and falls
  • close doors and cabinet drawers to prevent collision and tripping
  • do not leave trailing cables that would cause a trip hazard
  • secure all loose handbags or other equipment in a safe manner
  • adopt good office hygiene, wash hands, use of hand sanitiser.

Display Screen Equipment (DSE)

To prevent any pain or discomfort, you should always follow the advice for use of display screen equipment (DSE).

Each desk has:

  • appropriate connection wires
  • monitor (some bookable desks have double monitors)
  • keyboard and mouse
  • 'follow me' printing
  • any other equipment included in your workspace booking.

Other ICT equipment

When you come to Renfrewshire House, you should bring:

  • your laptop if you have one
  • a laptop power cable
  • laptop headphones for when you are joining any online meetings or calls 
  • any other accessories that you need to work at your booked desk, such as a mouse. 

If you currently work from home and you use a desktop or hard drive, make sure you book a desk that provides a desktop kit.

Last updated on Tuesday 19 March 2024.