Renfrewshire Council

Supporting colleagues through pregnancy loss

What pregnancy loss is, support available to colleagues who have experienced pregnancy loss, and guidance for managers

Pregnancy loss can be a devastating experience whether it happens to you, your partner or others who are involved in your pregnancy. We know that sadly it's more common than people may think and that the challenges at work are often misunderstood.

What pregnancy loss is

Pregnancy loss includes:

  • miscarriage - the spontaneous loss of a pregnancy during the first 24 weeks
  • stillbirth - the loss of a baby from 24 weeks, during labour or birth
  • ectopic pregnancy - when a fertilised egg develops outside the womb
  • molar pregnancy - when an abnormal fertilised egg implants in the uterus
  • neonatal loss - the loss of a live-born baby up to 28 days after the birth
  • embryo transfer loss - when an embryo transfer during fertility treatment doesn't result in pregnancy
  • abortion or termination of pregnancy - a medical or surgical procedure to end a pregnancy.

Support for colleagues

If you are reading this because this has happened to you, we are sorry for your loss. We understand that this is a bereavement and that getting the right support at work is important. We're committed to providing you with as much support as we possibly can.

If you are a manager, you will likely have to support a colleague through this at some point in your career. So, it's important you understand a little more about pregnancy loss and what support is on offer from the Council to our colleagues should they experience this.