Renfrewshire Council

Risk management

Information on our risk management policy and strategy, reports to board, training for staff, and advice and support available.

Risk Matters is our combined risk management policy and strategy for Renfrewshire.

It sets out our approach, vision and principles, and the roles and responsibilities for managing risk.

Risk management is important in forming council policy, strategy and making sound business decisions.

Good risk management is also important in the daily activities of every member of staff.

You should make every effort to be aware of situations that might put yourself or others at risk, report identified hazards or concerns and take action to reduce risk.

See our Risk Matters policy and strategy.

Reports to board

Reports on risk management are submitted to our Audit, Risk and Scrutiny Board, including:

  • Strategic, Corporate, Service and BAU Risk Reports every May and November
  • the Risk Management Annual Report submitted every May
  • the Risk Matters policy and strategy submitted for approval every two years in November (most recently November 2023).

Risk management training for staff

We've had excellent risk management arrangements in place over the past decade, but that does not mean we can become complacent.

Our staff are at the heart of making sure our risk management arrangements are applied in all services, activities and business decisions.

This is why we've always invested in risk management training and continue to do so.

You are encouraged to complete our Introduction to risk management training module online.

You can also attend an in-person risk management training course. You must complete the risk management online training module before you can attend the in-person course.

If you'd like to arrange in-house training for members of staff, email

Advice and support

All service departments have their own risk representatives who you can turn to as a first point of contact for risk management support.

Here are the lead risk representatives for each service:

Chief Executive's Service

  • Head of Policy and Partnerships - Laura McIntyre

Children's Services

  • Head of Childcare and Criminal Justice - John Trainer

Environment, Housing, and Infrastructure

  • Head of Operations and Service Development - Gavin Hutton

Finance and Resources

  • Head of Corporate Governance - Mark Conaghan
  • Head of Finance and Procurement - Christine McCourt

For risk management tools and templates or for further advice, contact Karen Locke, Risk Manager, by emailing