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Renfrewshire House car park permits

Information on the car parking permit scheme at Renfrewshire House in Paisley and how to apply for a permit.

We're looking to re-introduce a car parking permit scheme at Renfrewshire House, following its previous suspension during the pandemic. 

The scheme is expected to start in the next few months, after we've completed an expression of interest process to understand demand.

The expressions of interest process has now concluded and we'll be back in touch shortly with more information.

How the car parking permits will work

There are four types of permits available.

Car parking permits for Renfrewshire House
TypeTimesAnnual cost
Renfrewshire House - long stay

7am to 4pm on Monday to Friday

and 7am to 6pm on Saturday


Renfrewshire House - disabled access

7am to 4pm on Monday to Friday

and 7am to 6pm on Saturday

Saucel Crescent car park - long stay

7am to 6pm on Monday to Saturday


Renfrewshire House - pick-up and drop-off

1 hour stay

No cost

Only employees with a permit will be given access to Renfrewshire House or Saucel Crescent car parks.

Employees with a permit for Renfrewshire House car park will have their ID passes activated to gain entry via the barrier.

A permit will be provided for your chosen car park and must be displayed in your car at all times. Regular checks will take place and anyone found to be parking without a permit will receive a penalty charge notice.

The permit will be allocated to you and your vehicle only. If you're using another car, you will not be permitted access to the car park.

If you replace your car during this period, or your situation changes, you should complete a change of circumstances form that will be available on Business World.

The permit at Renfrewshire House car park is valid for Monday to Friday from 7am to 4pm and Saturday from 7am to 6pm. Parking after 4pm on Monday to Friday, after 6pm on Saturday and on a Sunday is free.

The permit for Saucel Crescent car park is valid for Monday to Saturday from 7am to 6pm. Parking after 6pm and on a Sunday is free.

How the permits will be allocated

To make it as fair as possible, each service will be given a set number of permits. This is based on the number of available spaces and how many employees the service has working at Renfrewshire House.

If demand outweighs supply, a ballot will be completed in each service to decide who gets a permit.

If you're not allocated a permit, you'll be placed on a reserve list for your service, should a permit become available.

How to pay for the permit

Payment for the permits will be taken directly from your salary, based on your pay period.

Breakdown of payments for permits
TypeWeeklyFortnightly4-weeklyMonthlyAnnual cost
Renfrewshire House






Saucel Crescent car park






If you job share with another colleague, and you both want a permit, then the cost will be divided between you both. If only one does, then you must pay the full amount. This is only available to colleagues on an official job share contract.

Otherwise, the permit fee is fixed, regardless of your contract type or number of days attending the building.

Does the permit guarantee a space

No council employee is guaranteed a space in either car park, apart from those with spaces under agreed leases.

When either car park is full, we ask that you find an alternative parking space at another car park. Your permit does not cover the cost of parking at another location.

On-street parking spaces in Paisley offer up to 1 hour free parking if you use a ticket machine.

See car parks, parking spaces and parking tariffs in Paisley.

Pick-up and drop-off permit at Renfrewshire House

This permit is for pick-up and drop-off only and can be applied for by employees whose role requires them to regularly attend Renfrewshire House for short trips.

No fee will be charged for this permit type as this is part of the requirements of the role of the employee.

There are 19 pick-up and drop-off spaces at Renfrewshire House car park and the maximum stay is 1 hour. Parking attendants will be on site.

The pick-up and drop-off spaces are located on ground level, to the right-hand side as you drive towards the exit barrier. They will be clearly marked

If all pick-up and drop-off spaces are full, you'll need to leave the car park and return later to see if a space is available.


What happens after you've applied

You'll be notified via Business World if your car parking permit application has been approved or denied.

You'll then receive your physical permit to display in your vehicle and your ID pass will be activated to gain entry via the barrier once the car parking permit scheme begins.

Parking at Renfrewshire House and Saucel Crescent car parks will remain free until the permit scheme is introduced.

Pool cars

Spaces will be allocated in Renfrewshire House car park for pool cars.

If you're using a pool car, you cannot leave your own car in the car park if you don't have a permit.

Visitor parking

There will be no visitor parking available at Renfrewshire House.

On street parking is available and car parks in the surrounding areas at standard parking rates.

More information

For more information on car parking permits at Renfrewshire House and Saucel Crescent car parks, email