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Local Place Plans

What Local Place Plans are, who can submit them, how they'll influence our new Local Development Plan, and how you can get involved.

What Local Place Plans are

Make a difference in your community and get involved in local planning by creating a Local Place Plan.

Local Place Plans offer communities the chance to shape their local area. These plans focus on existing and future land use, placemaking, and potential developments in the community.

A Local Place Plan might consider:

  • sites or areas of land which could support climate-change adaptation (such as renewable energy, flood mitigation, or tree planting)
  • local initiatives to promote active travel or community food-growing
  • sites for housing development (including affordable housing and housing for particular needs or groups), local employment, or new tourism and community facilities
  • retaining, improving, and expanding open space, green and blue infrastructure (such as footpaths, water networks, and drainage/flooding measures), and play facilities
  • conservation of the natural and built environments
  • improvements in town and local centres
  • support for a national development (from the National Planning Framework).

Who can submit a Local Place Plan

Community councils and community bodies can create Local Place Plans. You could create one for a locality, community council area, town, or even a neighbourhood within a town.

If you're not sure if your group qualifies as a community body, contact for more information.

Influence our upcoming Local Development Plan

Creating a Local Place Plan lets you share your ideas on how to shape the future of your local area. Once it's registered, we'll also consider it when preparing Renfrewshire's next Local Development Plan.

Our Local Development Plan, replacing the previous one from 2021, will set out the long-term vision of where development should and shouldn't happen in Renfrewshire. We want to hear from local communities and stakeholders from across the region, and Local Place Plans are one way to do this.

We'll share more information on the Local Development Plan process as it becomes available.

How to get involved

If you are interested in creating a Local Place Plan, the first step is to express your interest by filling out this online form.

Get in touch

Contact us at for more information. We can answer your questions and support you through the Local Place Plan process.

We can also provide additional resources to help you create your Local Place Plan, including previous examples of Local Place Plans from Renfrewshire.

We can't provide funding to help you prepare your Local Place Plan.