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Our initial consultation closed on 8 August 2023. We have reviewed your feedback and will continue to engage with communities and stakeholders in the future.

Get involved in preparing the new Local Development Plan

Who can get involved in preparing the new Local Development Plan, our current progress, and how to get in touch

Who can get involved and why

Have your say on how you would like to get involved in the preparation of Renfrewshire Council's third Local Development Plan (LDP3).

Effective consultation and engagement are vital, as the Local Development Plan can affect where people live, work, shop, play, and travel in Renfrewshire. Your involvement and feedback can help us understand potential issues in Renfrewshire and help deliver a spatial strategy that address the issues that are important to our communities.

We encourage anyone with a vested interest in shaping Renfrewshire to get involved with the preparation of LDP3, including:

  • key agencies
  • local communities
  • community groups
  • key groups (e.g., Gypsy Travellers, children and young people)
  • community councils
  • local businesses and industries
  • landowners and developers
  • other agencies / organisations and infrastructure suppliers
  • Scottish Government.

We have listened to your feedback

Following a review of your responses to the four-week consultation between 11 July and 8 August 2023, we have updated our participation statement to ensure that everyone with vested interest in shaping Renfrewshire can get involved in the preparation of LDP3 through effective engagement and consultation.

The updated participation statement sets out who we propose to engage with, when engagement will take place and how you can get involved in preparing the plan, and it can be found in the finalised Development Plan Scheme 2023 document.

Get in touch

For information on getting involved through creating Local Place Plans, learn more about Local Place Plans on our website.

For any additional information, contact us at