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The Making of Ferguslie Park

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What The Making of Ferguslie is

The Making of Ferguslie is a plan that sets out a vision for the future of Ferguslie Park over the next 5 to 10 years.

Developed in partnership with the local community, the plan sets out a range of actions to reimagine underused land, improve greenspaces, and support community initiatives.

It's a flexible framework so residents, community groups, the council, and our partners can work together to deliver the vision of Ferguslie Park as a '20-minute neighbourhood' - a well-connected area with greenspaces, facilities, and activities to make the area sustainable and healthy for people to enjoy.

Find out about our key projects and how they're progressing.

The Ferguslie 'Green Line'

The Green Line is a proposed new green corridor through Ferguslie Park.

The aim is to reuse vacant land, enhance the local environment, and create a place where the local community can gather.

A series of plans have been developed for areas within the neighbourhood, informed by the key principles and actions in The Making of Ferguslie. These outline proposals for active and informal recreation, natural play, and enhancements to the local environment.

Initial phases of the Green Line focus on the Belltrees and Neighbourhood Centre areas. This will help bring longer-term areas of vacant land into use.

Progress so far

We've made good progress on delivering the plan, including new homes, Sculpture House and Darkwood growing space.

  • New homes: 101 new council homes have been built at the former St Fergus Primary School site.
  • Sculpture House: Craigielea House has been refurbished as an artist studio and social space for the local community.
  • Darkwood growing space: a new growing space of 20 raised beds on underused land has been created, providing a space to learn, socialise, and grow food.

What's happening next

Work on community assets and Candren Burn continues to progress.

  • Community assets: works to repair St Ninian's Church Hall are underway to ensure the property remains wind- and watertight. Meanwhile, local community groups are looking at options for leasing the property.
  • Candren Burn: in partnership with SEPA, we'll conduct a study to consider the feasibility of enhancements to the Candren Burn. This could include opportunities to 'open' the burn to help with local flooding issues, as well as enhancing greenspaces within the neighbourhood.

Learn more

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