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Hillington Park Simplified Planning Zone

What is the background?

Hillington Park is one of Scotland's largest business parks. It lies to the south of the M8 motorway between Glasgow and Paisley. It straddles the joint administrative boundary with approximately 80% of the site within Renfrewshire Council's area and 20% in Glasgow City Council's area.

A Simplified Planning Zone (SPZ) Scheme has been prepared in a partnership between Renfrewshire Council and Glasgow City Council, and MEPC Hillington Park, who owns and manages the majority of the site.

What is a Simplified Planning Zone?

A Simplified Planning Zone is an area where the need to apply for planning permission for certain types of development is removed so long as the development complies with the details and guidance set out in the Scheme. The SPZ Scheme deals with the planning issues 'up front' and confirms what type of development, and how much, is allowed.

Benefits of Hillington Park SPZ Scheme

It aims to encourage investment in the park and deliver sustainable economic development through simplifying planning control. While the focus of the SPZ Scheme is on core business and employment uses the Scheme also recognises the opportunity to introduce further 'complementary uses' creating a more sustainable and attractive park for 21st century business investment; and, to diversify further development opportunities.

The scheme provides greater certainty for developers and stakeholders. It removes the need for repetitive planning applications, covering the same range of planning issues, which will save time and cost for the existing organisations and new businesses looking to invest in the park. It will also benefit the councils by reducing the resources needed to manage development in this dynamic area.

An SPZ Scheme does not mean an abandonment of acceptable standards of development or care for the amenity of the built environment. These matters would still be addressed in the SPZ Scheme while offering flexibility to developers.

Hillington Park Simplified Planning Zone Scheme

The Hillington Park SPZ Scheme is adopted and available to view in the related content.

You can also view a list of the notifications submitted to the Council under the Hillington Park SPZ and the development parameters which provides details on the floorspace permitted under the SPZ Scheme, the amount of floorspace used and the amount of floorspace remaining.  These two documents can be viewed in the related documents section.