Renfrewshire Council

Johnstone South West Community Growth Area

The Glasgow and Clyde Valley Structure Plan 2006 identifies 13 Community Growth Areas (CGAs) as locations which could meet demand for new dwellings.  The CGA locations have been selected in view of their potential to deliver sustainable growth and lie in close proximity to key rail and public transport corridors.  Johnstone South West is identified as a CGA which could accommodate up to 500 new dwellings.   

A masterplan for the area provides a framework for regeneration over the next 5 to 10 years.  The masterplan was produced with a range of local residents, community representatives and key stakeholders through a 'charrette' exercise supported by the Scottish Government.  A charrette is an intensive 'on site' consultation, which includes a series of planning workshops to engage local people.   

The first phase of the masterplan has provided the basis for the delivery of 200 new homes in the area, including developments at Fordbank and the former St Cuthbert's High School.  Development potential for new build Council homes at Auchengreoch Road is also being investigated.

Parts of the area are affected by infrastructure constraints in relation to flooding and surface water management, which present a key challenge to future development.  A strategy has been prepared to inform physical solutions which help to address these constraints and support delivery of the remaining development sites identified in the masterplan.  

A link to the masterplan can be found in the related content. 


Last updated:  February 2019