Renfrewshire Council

Road permissions and permits

Occupying, opening or closing a road, access across a footway, placing a skip on a road, driveway protection markings (H-bars), placing wires, beams or cables over a road, lacing, painting or fixing a sign, notice or picture, application to use portable light signals, street markets, stalls or displays.

There are certain circumstances when you will need our permission for a road-related activity.

Occupy the road

You'll need to apply for permission to occupy a road temporarily for building materials, for example, scaffolding, storage of materials, siting of crane or hoarding. You'll also need a permit for non-building works on the road.

You will need to have a minimum of 2m unobstructed access.

The charge is £262.50 per month or part thereof, and applies to both to public and private roads.

To apply, complete the  application form for for permission to occupy road space temporarily for building operations [83KB]  and email it to us at

There is an additional charge of £262.50 for occupying a road without a permit.

Open a road

You'll need permission to

  • carry out excavations on roads and footpaths
  • place apparatus in a road, such as a sewer connection at a new house.  

The permission relates to public or private road networks. 

The costs for a road opening permit is: 

  • £420 for the first week
  • £577.50 for each additional week, or part of an additional week

The cost for a road opening permit in a town centre or arterial road is:

  • £840 for the first week
  • £840 for each additional week, or part of an additional week

To apply, you'll need to complete an  application to carry out excavations or put apparatus in a road form [318KB]  and email it to us at

Close a road

You'll need permission to close a road for a street party or community event, whether it is a public or private road. 

See the Temporary Traffic Regulation Orders (TTRO) page for information and an application form. 

Lower your kerb and create access to install a driveway

If you want to install a driveway at your home or business, you'll need to apply for a crossover permit to:

  • lower the kerb at your property
  • create access across the pavement.

This is separate to planning permission, which you might also need in certain cases. Call 0300 300 0144 or email to find out if you'll need planning permission for your driveway.

Apply for a crossover permit using our online form. The cost is £241.50. If approved, you can book the work with a private contractor.

Apply for a crossover permit.

Driveway protection markings (H-bars)

A driveway protection marking, or H-bar, is a H-shaped strip of white paint next to a dropped kerb. It alerts motorists that there is a driveway or garage and to avoid parking there.

You can apply for a H-bar to help highlight your driveway or garage, but the markings are not legally enforceable. If you have any issues around misuse of the H-bar, you should contact Police Scotland, not the council. We cannot remove the marking after it's been painted.

You cannot use a H-bar to reserve a parking space outside your property.

Apply for a new H-bar, or for us to repaint an existing one, using our online form. The cost is £262.50, which covers the fee to complete the work.

Apply for a driveway protection marking (H-bar).

You will need permission to place a skip on a public road.

The charge for skip hire companies is £136.50 per location for each month or part of the month. 

There is an additional charge of £173.80 when a skip has been placed on the public road without permission. 

Apply for a skip permit.

If you want to place a skip on a footway, please email,

Place wires, beams or cables over a road 

An example would be wires to carry bunting for a community event. 

There is no charge, relates to public or private road networks.  

You will need permission to place a skip on a road, whether it is a public or private road.  

To apply, email us at or call us on 0300 300 0380.

Place, paint or fix a sign, notice or picture

There is no charge to place, paint or fix signs notices or pictures on public or private road networks.

However, if you do want to place signs on roads, you will need to contact us at

You could be fined £105 if you place signs on the road without permission.

This can include:

  • adverts 
  • business signs
  • posters
  • stickers
  • corrugated plastic boards.

If the signs relate to a specific business, company or operator, they will be liable for the fine.

If you or your business are charged for illegal sign placement, we will agree a timeframe for you to remove the material without incurring a fine. 

If the signs are not removed by the agreed deadline, we will issue you with a fine of £105 per sign.

Use portable light signals 

If you are a contractor or have a public utility company, you will need a permit from the Council when using portable traffic signals. 

There is a one month minimum charge. The cost is £210.

You'll need to complete the application form to use portable light signals [154KB]   and email it to us at

Any hauliers transporting their vehicle in or around Renfrewshire must also tell us of their intended vehicle movement.

Consent for a street cafe, street market, stall or display

There is no charge for this. It applies to both public road networks.

To apply, complete the consent form for a street cafe, street market, stall or display [131KB]  and email it to us at

Parking bays

If you are using parking bays, tariff charges will apply as well as any permit charges.

See a list of car park and parking bay tariffs in Paisley.