Renfrewshire Council

Abnormal loads on the road

If any person or company intends to move a vehicle that fails to comply with the current 'Construction and Use Regulations' by reason of gross vehicle weight, axle weights, vehicle width or any combination of these; then they are deemed to be a 'haulier' by Renfrewshire Council and they must notify the council of their proposed vehicle movement.

In addition, vehicle or load height notice is required to allow re-routing to avoid any low bridges or other height restrictions, for example, aerial cables.

Before carrying out the proposed move in, or through, the Renfrewshire area, the haulier must notify all relevant Police and road authorities, including Renfrewshire Council, in accordance with the requirements outlined in the Electronic Service Delivery for Abnormal Loads (ESDAL) website.

The 'haulier' can download the requisite forms from the selection listed under 'Information for Hauliers', together with the mandatory indemnity form.

Please note: Renfrewshire Council cannot accept notifications that are received via email because, as with all legal documents, we need to actual signatures. Proof of posting is not accepted as proof of notification.

Once duly completed and signed, the forms can be posted or faxed to Renfrewshire Council.