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Road safety policy

A summary of our road safety policy, its key objectives and our road safety action plan.

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This Road Safety Policy has been shaped to mirror "Scotland's Road Safety Framework to 2030" and Transport Scotland's vision to have the best road safety performance in the world.

The Council has a vision to create a road network that is safe for all users, provides benefit to health and wellbeing as well as being a fundamental driver of economic regeneration through provision of access to employment, leisure and social activity.

It aims to improve road safety from three broad perspectives:

  • Education - initiatives designed to raise awareness of issues and how identified problems can be addressed
  • Enforcement - specific interventions at determined locations to improve driver behaviour and improve the safety of a road within a particular area
  • Engineering - the introduction of physical barriers or structures designed to improve the safety of the road for a sustainable period.

Key objectives

The key objectives of our road safety policy are to:

  • reduce the volume of traffic on our road network
  • reduce the speed of the traffic on our road network
  • enhance the physical environment for those who wish to walk, wheel, cycle or use public transport.

Road Safety Action Plan

Educational Initiatives

This will included strengthening existing links with schools, local communities and partners

Policy Development

Supporting road safety through developing national, regional and local policies, such as using the Regional Transport Strategy to develop our Local Transport Strategy.

Public Transport and Active Travel

Using innovative ways to improvement access to public transport and active travel methods in Renfrewshire


Using links with partners, enforcement will be used to try and change inappropriate driving and parking behaviours


We will continually review this policy as we're acutely aware that road safety is an ever-evolving landscape and changes and updates will be made where required.

Full policy document

You can read Transport Scotland's policy 'Scotland's Road Safety Framework to 2030' on their website.

If you would like a copy of our road safety policy, you can email us at or call us at 0300 300 0380 (option 1).