Renfrewshire Council

LDP1 Proposed Plan (January 2013)

The Proposed LDP presented the Council's final view on the content of the Renfrewshire LDP for consultation.

The Proposed LDP presents the Council's final view on the content of the adopted LDP. With a focus on supporting sustainable economic growth, the LDP sets out where future development should and should not occur, identifying opportunities for change, regeneration and enhancement.

Proposed Local Development Plan

Proposal maps also form part of the LDP outlining specific areas of land to which the policies listed in the LDP apply. Unfortunately due to the size of each of the maps it is not possible to view these documents.  Please contact the Development Planning team using the contact details below to view or obtain a copy of the Local Development Plan Proposal Maps.

New Development Supplementary Guidance

The New Development Supplementary Guidance (SG) which provides more detailed criteria and guidance for assessing new development.

Action Programme

Successful implementation of the spatial strategy requires a comprehensive delivery model. 

An Action Programme has been prepared to accompany the LDP; it sets out a package of actions to enable delivery of potential development opportunities and outlines who is responsible for delivery, the financial requirements and the potential timeframe.

Supporting Documents

The LDP is supported by a number of other documents. All of which are available to download.