Renfrewshire Council

LDP1 Consultation (2011 - 2013)

Consultation is a key requirement of the Local Development Plan process. Renfrewshire Council carried out consultation throughout the preparation of the Renfrewshire LDP

A key requirement of the new Local Development Plan (LDP) process is consultation. The two statutory stages of this are the Main Issues Report and the Proposed Plan. This page gives details of additional consultation carried out to support preparation of the Renfrewshire Local Development Plan.

Further detail can also be found in the Participation Statement section of the Development Plan Scheme.

Renfrewshire Local Development Plan Stakeholders Conference

A large scale consultation event was held in Paisley Town Hall on the 10 May 2011. The event brought together groups of people including members of the public, Key Agencies, Community Councils and Land Owners, to discuss and consider what are the main issues for the Local Development Plan.

Suggestions for Land Use Change

The Suggestions for Land Use Change exercise was an early opportunity to provide ideas for the future development of Renfrewshire, to identify potential sites that may be available for development as part of the new Local Development Plan. Suggesting sites for development enabled the Council to consider these sites as it consults and prepares the LDP. The "Suggestion for Land Use Change" exercise closed on 26 April 2011. All of the sites received during the initial exercise were consulted on alongside the Renfrewshire Main Issues Report.

Renfrewshire Local Development Plan Focus Groups

Key findings from a programme of focus group research is contained within this report. These findings have informed the Renfrewshire Local Development Plan process.