Renfrewshire Council

LDP2 - Main Issues Report (2017)

The adopted Renfrewshire Local Development Plan (August 2014) sets out the policies and proposals for the next ten years but is required to be revised every five years.

The Main Issues Report sets out the main changes and issues that have emerged since the adoption of the current Renfrewshire Local Development Plan, as well as setting out the Council's preferred options and alternatives for development across Renfrewshire.

The Renfrewshire Main Issues Report, Environmental Report and associated background documents can be viewed by clicking on the links opposite.  A summary version of the Main Issues Report can also be viewed in the related links opposite.

Consultation on the Main Issues Report and accompanying Environmental Report as the first stage in preparing the next Local Development Plan for the area was undertaken between 6 February 2017 and 30 May 2017. This consultation has now closed. 

A summary of the representations received during the consultation can be viewed by clicking on the links opposite.

Thirteen new or amended residential sites were submitted to the Council during this consultation.  A further consultation on the site assessments took place over a 6 week period, this consultation has now ended. 

All representations received will be considered in preparing the next Local Development Plan for Renfrewshire. 

Each of the 13 new or amended site assessments can still be viewed in Consultation Document Background Paper 2- Update Additional Housing Site Assessments (Oct 2017) under the related documents section.