Renfrewshire Council

Strategic Environmental Assessment

Any plan, programme or strategy, with a potential impact on the environment is subject to Strategic Environmental Assessment. Under the Environmental Assessment (Scotland) 2005 Act Renfrewshire Council has a responsibility to carry out a Strategic Environmental Assessment for any plan, programme or strategy which may have a significant impact on the environment. 

Strategic Environmental Assessment is a key component of sustainable development, establishing important methods for protecting the environment and extending opportunities for public participation.

Strategic Environmental Assessment is an important process which places environmental considerations at the centre of decision making process.

Adopted Renfrewshire Local Development Plan 2014

Renfrewshire Council adopted the Renfrewshire Local Development Plan on the 28 August 2014. The Renfrewshire Local Development Plan and Supplementary Guidance documents, guide development and the use of land within Renfrewshire. They set out policies used to make decisions on Planning Applications.

A Strategic Environmental Assessment was prepared alongside the Local Development Plan, this can be viewed in related content.

Preparation of the next Local Development Plan

Renfrewshire Local Development Plan Scoping Report

In preparing a new Local Development Plan the first stage of the Strategic Environmental Assessment process is to prepare a Scoping Report. The Scoping Report sets out the Council's view on how the environmental assessment should be carried out. The Scoping Report for the Renfrewshire Local Development Plan and the Consultation Authority Responses can be viewed in the related content.

Renfrewshire Local Development Plan Main Issues Report

The Main Issues Report is the first consultation stage in the process of preparing a Local Development Plan for Renfrewshire.  The Main Issues Report sets out Renfrewshire Council's potential strategy for development in the area.  The Main Issues Report was supported by an Environmental Report which contains the Strategic Environment Assessment of the strategy, preferred and alternative options set out in the Main Issues Report.  This can be viewed in the related content.

Renfrewshire Local Development Plan Proposed Plan

The Proposed Local Development Plan will present the Council's final view on the content of the Renfrewshire Local Development Plan. With a focus on supporting sustainable economic growth, the Local Development Plan sets out where future development should and should not occur, identifying opportunities for change, regeneration and enhancement.  The Proposed Plan will be accompanied by an updated Environmental Report with a Strategic Environmental Assessment of the policies and proposals contained with the plan.

Other Strategic Environmental Assessment Determinations

The Strategic Environmental Assessment determinations have also been carried out for the Braehead, Erskine, Johnstone, Renfrew and Linwood Centre Strategies, Renfrewshire Places - Residential Design Guide and Erskine Transition Zone Area Development Guide.  The determinations are detailed in the related content.

State of the Environment Report

The State of the Environment Report for the Renfrewshire Council area provides a snapshot of the current state of the environment. It provides a baseline of environment information for the Local Development Plan process.  An updated report on Renfrewshire's environment has been produced which outlines the changes that have occurred in the environment between 2011 and 2014 and discusses what issues need to be taken into account in the preparation of the next Renfrewshire Local Development Plan.  Both the 2011 and 2014 State of the Environment Reports can be viewed in the related content.

Inventory of Closed Mining Waste Facilities

As required through the Management of Extractive Waste (Scotland) Regulations 2010 the Scottish Government has published The Inventory of Closed Mining Waste Facilities. This Inventory identifies closed and abandoned mining waste facilities which are causing impacts on the environment. There are no sites identified in Renfrewshire and this document is published for information.