Renfrewshire Council

Paisley Vision busy High St

A Vision for Paisley town centre 2030

What might Paisley town centre look like by 2030? The Paisley Vision report imagined some radical ideas for how the town centre could evolve.

In 2020, we published 'A Vision for Paisley Town Centre 2030' which set out some bold ideas for how the town centre might look a decade down the line.

The study was a partnership between ourselves, Scotland's Towns Partnership and the Scottish Government using Paisley as a case study to reimagine how a town centre could be redesigned. It was produced by Threesixty Architecture.

It was based on the idea that Paisley town centre has more retail space than it needs, or will need in future. The authors suggested the town could be transformed by finding new uses for that empty space, based around community need.

They produced a number of ideas for how that could be done - some of which have since been taken forward. You can read the full document in the Related Articles section.