Renfrewshire Council

Report an issue with a road, street lighting or flooding

How to report road faults, street lighting issues or flooding to us, ask for gritting, who to contact about trunk roads and motorways.

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Road faults

Road faults can include: 

  • potholes
  • flooding
  • traffic sign
  • street furniture
  • street name plate
  • road signs
  • road carriageway
  • footway
  • street drainage

Report a road, street lighting fault or flooding form.

Traffic signal faults

Phone us on 0300 300 0300 (then choose option 3) to tell us about traffic signal faults. Traffic signal faults are a road safety issue.

Street lighting

A street lighting fault can include:

  • light not lit
  • light always on
  • damage to lighting column
  • exposed wiring / door off
  • unsecure lantern
  • illuminated bollard faults
  • zebra crossing
  • illuminated sign
  • LED lighting

Give details of the location of the fault, and in the case of street lights, the road name and the reference number on the side of the lighting column.

Report a road, street lighting fault or flooding form.

Other road or street issues

You can also report other issues with:

  • bus shelters
  • bridges
  • car parks
  • trees
  • weed growth

Report a road, street lighting fault or flooding form.

Report issues with parking ticket machines.

Gritting and grit bins

You can ask for:

  • gritting of a road
  • refill of a grit bin.

You can make gritting requests on the report a road, street lighting fault or flooding form.

Trunk roads and motorways

Scottish South West Trunk Roads are responsible for trunk roads and motorways in the Renfrewshire area.

Report a problem to South West Trunk Roads online for issues on trunk roads and motorways.

These roads include:

  • A701
  • A725
  • A726
  • A75
  • A76
  • A77
  • A737
  • M74
  • M8
  • M898
  • A898
  • A8
  • A82
  • A751
  • M77
  • A78
  • M80
  • A80
  • A738
  • M73