Renfrewshire Council

iLearn - supporting your personal development

We successfully launched our new version of iLearn at the end of January, and so far over 2000 colleagues have logged in to take advantage of the wealth of training courses available.

If you haven't accessed iLearn yet, please do so now to see how we can support your personal development. If you are a manager, please facilitate some time for those in your team(s) to see what's available to support their development. 

If you've not completed your mandatory training courses, please schedule some time out to do this now. Everyone should complete:

Colleagues who have network access should also complete:

These mandatory training courses have been created to ensure that you have the right knowledge and skills to carry out your daily duties in the safest ways possible, minimising any risks to you, the council and our service users. It's crucial everyone takes responsibility for their own learning and actions, and this is an area we will be monitoring throughout the year. 

What's new

In iLearn, you can now see any 'Completed' as well as 'In Progress' courses within the 'My Courses section', making it easy to pick up where you left off. For anyone needing help logging in, you can find guidance, including a video guide on our staff webpage. Your iLearn course completions are now also visible in Business World and are updated each night. You can view these through your Employee Workspace (Common > Employee Workspace > My Training). 

As well as course completions, your workspace also shows details of courses that are mandatory. The system will soon send you reminders about mandatory courses that you haven't yet completed, or where the completion has expired.

Managers will also be able to see course completions for all employees below them in the position hierarchy via their Line Manager Workspace.  More details of this will be issued soon.


Published on Thursday 7 March 2024