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Understanding whistleblowing: what you need to know

Information on our whistleblowing policy and how to report a concern.

Whistleblowing is when someone makes a report in the public interest about something like fraud, safety violations, discrimination, or other unethical behaviours. It's important to the integrity, values, and safety of our workplaces.

If you witness any wrongdoing going on inside the council that affects other people, such as our service users or members of the public, you can and should report it.

We've got a policy in place to make sure whistleblowers are protected and that reported issues are taken seriously. If you want to dive into the nitty-gritty of how it all works, you can check out our Whistleblowing Policy online.

The policy explains in detail what whistleblowing means, the procedure for raising a concern and covers the legal protections and support you can expect if you report something.

You can find the full policy online along with examples of situations that would be considered whistleblowing, what reporting something in the public interest means and guidance on how to make a report, what to include and next steps.  

For full details visit our whistleblowing webpage and download the full policy online.

To report something you can call 0300 300 1314, email or get in touch with the designated whistleblowing officer in your directorate.

If you are a line-manager and someone reports a whistleblowing concern to you, you should immediately forward details of the concern to your designated whistleblowing officer.

Whistleblowing officers:

Remember, being prepared to challenge behaviour that is out of step with our values is a key part of what it means to be fair. We work hard to build trust in Renfrewshire Council and rely on you to protect the public interest.

Published on Friday 08 March 2024

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