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Reasonable adjustments for work

What reasonable adjustments are and who can have them.

Your manager will consider reasonable workplace adjustments for your specific needs if you:  

  • have a disability or a terminal illness 
  • are pregnant or impacted by pregnancy loss 
  • experience menopause 
  • have an addiction related illness or disorder. 

By 'reasonable', we mean these adjustments should be effective, practical, affordable and not harmful to the health and safety of others. We'll work with you, Occupational Health and other partners, such as Access to Work (GOV.UK), to get the right help in place without changing the basic requirements of your job. 

Examples of reasonable workplace adjustments 

Changing your work arrangements, such as:  

  • a phased return to work, lighter duties 
  • introducing additional rest breaks 
  • work pattern changes 
  • flexible working 
  • hybrid or home working  
  • rearranging office furniture or moving you to a work area to improve your access 
  • adjusting absence review points 
  • providing paid time off for medical appointments 
  • rehabilitation or treatment. 

Providing support, services or equipment, such as:  

  • more one to one meetings with your line manager to help you plan and prioritise your work, providing documents and emails in an easy to access format 
  • detailing work tasks on a call (phone or Teams), face to face, or in writing to suit your needs 
  • providing adapted or extra equipment such as a fan, a telephone with adjustable volume control, voice activated computer software and training on how to use it, an adapted keyboard or mouse, or a specialist chair  
  • having switches, handles and equipment at an appropriate height 
  • arranging mentoring  
  • allowing you to be supported by a mental health advocate or interpreter at an absence review meeting. 

Finding a different way to do something, such as: 

  • sourcing different ways to train you if online training is hard or allowing you longer time to complete it  
  • giving out work differently across a team and varying your work duties.

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