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How much sick pay you can get

The different types of sick pay and what you may be entitled to.

You may be entitled to receive Occupational Sick Pay (OSP) during your sickness absence. This will depend on how long you've worked with us. See the OSP information given in your contract (Statement of Particulars of Employment) when you started with us or contact your manager.

If you're not entitled to OSP, you may receive Statutory Sick Pay (SSP) for up to 28 weeks. 

We may stop your OSP and SSP if you: 

  • do not follow the absence reporting procedure or fail to provide a Fit Note, without good reason 
  • are found to be taking part in activities during your absence that delay your recovery or make your illness or health problem worse. This can include other paid or unpaid work and certain sports or hobbies. Taking part in these activities may also be considered as misconduct and we may need to take disciplinary action. 

Your manager will contact HR&OD for advice before stopping your pay and will update you about this. 

If your sick pay is coming to an end or you do not have any sick pay 

You may not have any Occupational Sick Pay (OSP) and Statutory Sick Pay (SSP), or it is limited or used up during your sickness absence. This can happen if: 

  • you've had other absence periods in the past rolling 12 months 
  • have worked with us for a short time 
  • you are absent for a longer period than what your sick pay entitlement is. 

We'll write to your home address to let you know if your OSP or SSP entitlement changes or ends during your absence. We 'll give you a few weeks' notice where possible and explain where to find financial support if needed.  

Your manager will also receive a Business World alert (reminder) to advise of any changes to your OSP. This will allow them to check if you've received a letter from us and need any further help. 

Contact your manager as soon as possible if you think you there has been an error with your sick pay, so we can look into it.  

If you have financial worries because you receive less, or no sick pay our Advice Works service is there to help you.

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