Renfrewshire Council

Litter, fly tipping, discarded syringes (needles) and abandoned trolleys

Report litter, fly tipping or discarded syringes (needles) or abandoned shopping trolleys.


There is a fixed penalty fine of £80 for littering.

Let us know about litter in your area that needs to be cleaned up.

This includes public bins which are full, as well as broken glass, cigarettes, or general litter in a public place.

We'll need to know exactly where it is, what kind of litter it is, and your contact details.

You can also include photos in your report. 

Tell us about litter

If it's an issue with road surface issues, roadside litter, overgrown grass verges or debris, you'll need to report the problem to AMEY, who are responsible for Scotland's South West trunk roads network.

Fly tipping (illegal dumping)

Illegal dumping of waste, also called 'fly tipping', damages the environment and leaves an unsightly mess for the community.

If caught, you could 

  • get a fine of £200
  • taken to court and fined up to £40,000 or a prison sentence.

Our teams carry out proactive visits to fly tipping hot spot areas, as well as respond to reports from the public, to identify who has dumped waste illegally.

We search the fly tipping for evidence of the offender, ask people locally to see if they witnessed the waste being dumped, and review CCTV footage.

We then arrange for the removal of the waste.

If you see someone fly tipping or discover dumped waste, report it to us online or call us 0300 300 0300.

We'll need to know exactly where the fly tipping is, what kind of rubbish has been dumped, and your contact details. 

Tell us about fly tipping

Report a discarded syringe (needle)

If you've found a discarded syringe in an open area, or anywhere that's a danger to the public in Renfrewshire, use our online form to report the discarded syringe (needle) right away.

We'll need to know exactly where it is so that we can find it quickly. 

Tell us about a discarded syringe (needle)

You should not put syringes in your bins or take them to our household waste recycling centres.

Instead, you can return used hypodermic needles to your doctor's surgery or health centre for safe disposal.

Report an abandoned trolley

Download the TrolleyWise app to report abandoned trolleys from Sainsburys, Morrisons, Iceland, B&Q, Home Bargains, Tesco, Lidl, Marks & Spencer, and Ikea.

You can use the Collex app to report abandoned trolleys from Asda:

Collection of general items, white goods and ground clearances

If you can't remove your own waste yourself, you can book a bulky waste collection by the council to collect general items, white goods or arrange a grounds clearance.