Renfrewshire Council

Special uplift: collection of waste household items

Ask for a collection of waste household items and rubbish from your home, such as cookers, fridges and furniture.

At this time, we are only able to collect domestic uplifts (1-20 items) and white goods as our teams are currently reduced due to the coronavirus pandemic. 

Remember, you can dispose of items for free at our recycling centres

Arrange a special uplift of waste items from your home

Please list all items to be collected. We won't collect items that aren't listed.

If you're a Renfrewshire Council tenant, you should have your rent reference number ready when booking.

Arrange a collection of bulky waste items from your home.

How much it costs

See the costs for each type of special uplifts.

Please note: once you've made your payment, we are unable to provide any refunds.

Renfrewshire Council tenants receive two free uplifts per year.

When the items will be collected

We will collect your items as soon as possible within 14 days.

Our guidelines

Please follow these guidelines:

  • Bags of material (eg rubble, garden waste) must be capable of being carried by 1 person.
  • Put the items in a place that we can easily get to them, making sure they are safe and tidy and that sharp, or broken, items are wrapped in newspaper or similar.
  • Carpets and similar items should be cut and, where possible, covered with plastic to stop them getting saturated with water.
  • Trees and branches should be bundled and tied together and cut to 4 feet in length, or shorter.
  • Fridges and freezers should have their doors removed or turned in a position that would prevent a child getting access. Please note: these items are recyclable and are uplifted separately.
  • Hazardous, clinical or toxic waste will not be picked up. Please phone 0300 300 0300 to find out how to dispose of these.