Renfrewshire Council


What graffiti we can remove, graffiti on private or service company property, tackling the issue of graffiti.

What graffiti we can remove

The Council's graffiti removal team provide a free service and can remove graffiti from public property.

We give priority to graffiti that contains racial, sectarian or obscene words or images, and we will remove this within 24 hours of being told about it.

Tell us about graffiti

Graffiti on private or service company property

We can't remove graffiti from property owned by service companies or from privately owned properties.

If you know which service company a property belongs to, contact the appropriate company directly using the phone numbers shown below.

Be ready to provide the company with details of the graffiti and its location.

Service company   ContactInformation required
Adshel01236 860 400       location of bus shelter
Amey Highways0141 781 6900location
British Telecom0800 661 610location
Network Rail08457 114 141location
Virgin / Cabletel0330 333 0444cabinet number and / or location
Royal Mail08457 740 740location

Tackling the issue of graffiti

The council works in partnership with Police Scotland to tackle the issue of graffiti. If you know who is responsible, please contact the Police or Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111. Calls to Crimestoppers are free and you can remain anonymous.