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How we store, share, and collaborate on files

Course outline, objectives, eligibility, and format for the course on how we store, share, and collaborate on files

With so many options for storing and sharing files, it can be hard to know which is best to use when. With the retirement of our H: drives, this is an opportunity to explore the benefits of our main file storing, sharing and collaborating options: Teams, OneDrive, and share network drives.

Course outline

How we store, share and collaborate on files in Teams, OneDrive and shared network drives.

Course objectives

The topics covered in this training will be:

  • sharing and co-authoring files in Teams channels
  • making the most of OneDrive (since it has replaced our H: drive)
  • when to use the networked drives (J:, M:, I: drives)
  • how to maintain a single source of truth with files.

Suitable for

All employees.


1-hour training on MS Teams

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