Renfrewshire Council

Local Transport Strategy

Renfrewshire's Local Transport Strategy 2007 sets out a vision for local transport for the next 10 to 20 years.

Wide ranging consultation was carried out, seeking views from many individuals and groups from a wide variety of backgrounds who had an interest in transportation.

This has helped shape the document to meet and address the concerns and expectations of those who live, work, shop and spend their leisure time in Renfrewshire.

The vision for Renfrewshire

The vision for Renfrewshire is that people can improve their health and travel where they want within a set timescale using all modes of transport. These modes include walking, cycling, public transport and cars for essential trips.

Businesses should be able to operate effectively and efficiently creating prosperity and job opportunities. Visitors should be attracted to enjoy the tourism and leisure facilities.

All these outcomes should be accommodated without compromising our future environment and at the same time delivering best value to the council.

By working in partnership, this vision can be sustained and enhanced, providing a model for tomorrow's Renfrewshire where economic, environmental and social success continues to grow. People choosing to walk and cycle should be able to do so in safety, and a choice of travel modes and information should be available and accessible to all types of travellers.

Renfrewshire Local Transport Strategy  refresh - February 2017

The 'Renfrewshire Strategic Economic Framework 2016-2018', published in November 2016, made a commitment to prepare a new Transport Strategy for Renfrewshire. With the recent advent of major economic drivers, such as the Glasgow City Region City Deal, an up to date Local Transport Strategy is vital to achieving the Council's economic and social ambitions.

A Local Transport Strategy (LTS) takes its policy cues from the National and Regional Transport Strategy hierarchy. However, the National and Regional Transport Strategies were written in 2006 and 2008 respectively and are both undergoing reviews. Without an up to date National or Regional Transport Strategy, the Council has decided to 'refresh' rather than 'rewrite' its LTS. A new, full rewrite, taking account of policies yet to emerge from the new National (NTS2) and Regional Transport Strategies, will be produced in due course.

The transport strategy, its associated documents and refresh are available to download from the Related Documents section.