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Application forms and guidance for building warrants

What you need building warrants for, application forms and guidance, how to contact us.

What you need a warrant for:

Before you build or make alterations to a property, either in your home or business premises, you should contact your local Building Standards office to find out if you need a building warrant.

Building Standards deal with enquiries about:

  • Building Warrants
  • Completion Certificates
  • dangerous buildings
  • demolitions
  • Section 50 licensing certificates

Application forms and guidance

Building Warrant Application Form [438KB]

You should submit your building warrant application through the portal where possible. 
Use this to apply for permission for a new building. Or if altering, extending, converting or demolishing an existing building.

Notes for Guidance [438KB]

Notes for guidance can help when applying for a Building Warrant. Notes include the level and type of information required; fee charges; where to submit applications and what happens next.

Notice regarding start of work

Once a warrant has been granted you must tell Building Standards when work will begin. This notice should be submitted before work begins and no later than 7 days after work has started.

Electrical Certificate Submission Guidance Note [9KB]

This explains the type of certification and supporting documentation needed for new installations and alterations to an electrical circuit.

Amendment to Building Warrant [224KB]

If you have a building warrant but are making changes to the plans you must apply to amend your Building Warrant. NB 2003 Act applies to applications made after 1 May 2005.

Completion Submission [499KB]

Use this form to tell us the work is complete and you require a final site inspection.

Notice of intention to use approved certifier of construction [101KB]

Complete this if you intend to use an approved certifier of construction. NB 2003 Act applies to applications made after 1 May 2005.

Application for Temporary Occupation/Use 2003 Act [214KB]

If you need to occupy a building before receiving completion certificate acceptance notice complete this form. NB 2003 Act applies to applications made after 1 May 2005.

Building standards enquiry

Use this form to request a property enquiry service. This includes copies of building warrants and completion certificates, including plans and letters of comfort, such as site inspection, confirmation of no building warrant required, and any outstanding invoices due on a dangerous building notice.

Application to Extend Period of Validity of Building Warrant [133KB]

Building Warrants are valid for three years from approval date. Use this form if you have not completed works and need to apply for an extension. Applications should be made within the original three-year period.

Section 50 Licensing Certificate [127KB]

To be completed when a Building Standards certificate of suitability is required in association with a new premises license under Section 50 of the Licensing (Scotland) Act 2005.

Completion Certificate Where No Building Warrant Obtained [165KB]

For use when work that did not receive Building Warrant has been completed. NB all works should have a Building Warrant before being carried out.

Notice of finalisation of design details [52KB]

Complete for certification of contractor designed details.

Section 89 Form [92KB]

For use when building a raised platform structure under Section 89 legislation of the Civic Government (Scotland) Act 1982.

If you have any questions about Building Standards or these forms please contact us using the details below.

Contact us:

Contact us at or call 0300 300 0144.

If you have submitted a hardcopy application please speak to your case officer regarding converting this to an e-application.