Renfrewshire Council

Processing agreements on planning proposals

Renfrewshire Council promotes early and open negotiations between prospective applicants and developers and other parties such as consultees in advance of a formal planning application for national and major applications.

Statutory requirements have been introduced to ensure that communities are made aware of, and have an opportunity to comment on, certain types of development proposals before a planning application has been made. 

Both pre-application consultation with the community and pre-application discussions with the planning authority are intended to add value at the start of the development management process by improving the quality of the proposal and allowing applicants the opportunity to amend their emerging proposals to accommodate community opinion.  This will ensure that all parties are clear on the process that leads to the decision.

To find out more information about the planning process including processing agreements please read the Scottish Planning Series Circular 3/2013 Development Management Procedures.

If you are intending to enter into a processing agreement please have a look at our advisory note, a draft processing agreement template can be found on the 'Related Documents' column on the right hand side of this page. If you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact us via the contact details below. 

Both the Scottish Planning Series Circular 3/2013 Development Management Procedures and the Processing Agreement - Renfrewshire Advisory Note can be viewed under the Related Document Section on this page.