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When you need to apply for planning permission

What you need to check before you apply for planning permission, how to apply, other documents to read, contact PAS for free advice.

You need planning permission for development.

This term is defined in law and covers a wide range of building and engineering work as well as changes in the way land and buildings are used. 

Planning law also covers changes to listed buildings, control of advertisements and works to trees which are covered by tree preservation orders

The rules controlling the need for planning permission can be complex. Some minor proposals are classed as 'permitted development' and don't need the council's permission.  In addition there may be the need for other Council consents such as Listed Building Consent, Advertisement Consent and  Building Warrant even when planning permission is not required.  

Before you start any development, you should check with us whether you need planning permission or a building warrant under the building standards legislation. 

Please contact our duty planner using the contact details below.

The easiest way to apply for planning permission is electronically through the Scottish eDevelopment portal website.

This site is provided by the Scottish Government and includes straightforward forms which guide you through the process in easy to follow steps. 

Please note if you submit your application via the eDevelopment portal all additional supporting documentation in relation to your application should be submitted in the same manner as the original application. Supporting documentation should not be sent to the Case Officers email address or to the mailbox.  

You can also download the application forms from the website if you prefer to submit your application by post. 

See the 

If your development relates to formation of a driveway and you need to apply for crossover permit or permission to lower a kerb, you should contact Environment and Communities (Roads) service to enquire. For further information follow the 'Roads: Permissions and Permits' link under the Related Links section.

You may also be interested in downloading the document 'Land Contamination and Development Management', which explains how land contamination relates to planning and what steps should be taken to make sure that land is free from contamination before development begins, this document can be viewed under the Related Documents section on this page.

In addition, you may also be interested in downloading the document 'HOPS Guidance on the Validation and Determination of Planning Applications' which is a guidance note on the national standards for the validation and determination of planning applications and other related consents in Scotland, this document can be viewed under the Related Documents section on this page.

PAS (formerly known as Planning Aid for Scotland)

PAS offers a free, impartial and confidential planning advice service, provided by our specialist volunteers, all of whom are chartered planners.  You will find a link to access advice under the related links section on this page.

PAS helps individuals and community groups to get involved in the planning system in an impartial, open and inclusive way.


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