Renfrewshire Council

Planning Performance Framework

The planning performance framework (PPF) was introduced by planning authorities in 2012. 

Developed by Heads of Planning Scotland and supported by the Scottish Government, the framework captures key elements of a high-performing planning service, such as:

  • delivery of good quality development
  • clear communications and open engagement
  • certainty of timescales, process and advice
  • project management
  • speed of decision-making

The framework gives a measure of the quality of the planning service and is used to identify and encourage ongoing improvements.

Feedback from events, consultation and various other forms of engagement is part of the evidence to support the Planning Performance Framework.

Planning application performance

We provide quarterly performance statistics to the Scottish Government in relation to the average time it takes us to determine different types of planning applications.  

These figures can be viewed on the Scottish Government website by clicking on the related link.

You may also be interested to view the number of applications the Council receives through the ePlanning portal.  These figures can be viewed by clicking on the related link.