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When you don't need planning permission (permitted development)

The rules controlling the need for planning permission can be complex. Some minor proposals are classed as permitted development and don't need the council's permission. 

What is Permitted Development is

Certain types of development can be carried out without planning permission. This is known as permitted development, and covers a wide range of minor developments by businesses, farmers and foresters, and developments by statutory undertakers. Statutory undertakers include a variety of bodies providing utilities such as gas and electricity providers, Scottish Water and telecommunications operators. 

Permitted development rights for householders

On 6 February 2012 new Permitted Development rights for householder developments came into force. This means that some work which previously required planning permission may now be undertaken without the need for planning approval.

The new permitted development rights can be viewed at The Town and Country Planning (General Permitted Development) (Scotland) Amendment Order 2011 under the Related Links Section on this page.

Permitted Development rights for Non Householder development

Planning permission is granted for a range of types of development by the Town and Country Planning (General Permitted Development) (Scotland) Order 1992 also referred to as the GDPO. This link to the Office of Public Sector Information website does not include the GPDO amendment orders made since 1992. Scottish Office Circular 5/1992 provides further information on this, you will find links to these sites under the Related Links Section on this page.

Removal of permitted development rights

Councils have the power to remove permitted development rights. The rights can be removed:

  • through a Direction under Article 4 of the Town and Country Planning (General Permitted    Development) (Scotland) Order 1992
  • under the Control of Advertisement Regulations, or
  • by attaching a planning condition on the approval of planning permission

Conservation areas

Renfrewshire has eight conservation areas. Within these areas it is likely that most forms of development, such as changing the external appearance of buildings, particularly any changes to windows, roof materials and painting external walls will require planning permission.  Contact the Development Management Team to find out what works are and are not allowed before you do any work on a property in a conservation area. Further information on conservation areas including boundary maps is available under the 'Listed Buildings and Conservation Area' in the Related Links Section on this page.

Control of Advertisement Regulations

Garthland Place and 3 - 19 Glasgow Road, Paisley, have been designated an 'Area of Special Advertisement Control'. This sets specific restrictions on the form of advertisements which can be displayed in the area.

View map showing where permitted development rights have been removed

You can view an interactive map showing the locations where permitted development rights have been removed; Tree Preservation Orders; Conservation Areas and Listed Buildings. 

If you intend to carry out any works in areas where permitted development rights have been removed please contact the Development Management Section for advice using the contact details below.