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Foxbar and Brediland Community Council

About Foxbar and Brediland Community Council, when the council meets, what financial support it gets from Renfrewshire Council.

Foxbar and Brediland Community Council is still seeking nominations

Renfrewshire's most recent community council elections took place in August and September 2023.

Foxbar and Brediland received four valid nominations, but this community council requires 10 members in order to re-establish.

We've extended the nomination period by six months, until 15 March 2024.

You must submit a nomination form [98KB] to become a candidate for election as a member of this community council. As part of your application, you'll also need two sponsors; more details are in the nomination form.

Send your completed, signed nomination form to:

The Election Office

Democratic Services

Renfrewshire Council

Renfrewshire House, Cotton Street, Paisley


You can also email your completed form, which you must sign in ink, to:

If we receive the required minimum of valid nominations at any point before 15 March 2024, then the community council will re-establish as soon as possible after that point.

If the community council doesn't receive enough nominations, then it will be disbanded.


For information on Foxbar and Brediland Community Council, contact Maggie Lawler, secretary, by email at or on Facebook at


Meetings will take place at 6pm online on the first Wednesday of the month.

Financial support from Renfrewshire Council

The council provides an annual administrative allowance to community councils to help with basic running costs. This is fixed at £600 per annum with an additional 3p per head of population, as detailed below:

  • Council: Foxbar and Brediland
  • Flat rate: £600
  • Population: 13,051
  • Additional £0.03 per head: £392
  • Total administrative allowance: £992